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These people are my family, my wonderful family. Photos are mostly to share with them..if you are not family, you're welcome to come see what matters most in my life.

H is a mommy
Dress up
4 in the driveway
A fun day
Tie matches special dress
The Amazing M's
In Eureka Montana
Mom made these quilts in ONE year
Favorite son
Sam and his grill
H in swing
Fathers - Grandfathers day 06
Spencers hand..like Papa
Pete and Re-pete
Hello Chocolate Face Boy
H at 1
chub chub cheeks
Mr Patience
A and B painting
THE princess
J on 10th birthday
C C with Baby
With Grandma
B asleep with Gt Grandma hat
August 2006
Baby Sarah
ABC at play
Bride Date
Precious and beautiful
Favorite sons
Mom at reunion 06
Sound bingo
He is festive
About 1984 Amy and Cody
C with Papa on baptism day
O's bday 2006
Pumpkin Patch 06
1960 Ricky and Rusty
Four generations
Red Scarf Christmas 06
Three beauties